Taking back our City for the Lord

We strongly condemn the violence, anarchy, and destructive spirit that manifested in Stuttgart on June 20-21 as 400-500 people attacked and assaulted Policemen/women and  vandalized and looted shops

Called as watchmen over the city and spiritual gatekeepers, several pastors did a prayer walk from the Hauptbahnhof through the Schloßplatz, Rathaus, and many other strategic points repenting of the sins of the citizens and at the same time cleansing the spiritual atmosphere, rebuking the spirit of anarchy, rebellion, addiction, and violence. Demonic strongholds were pulled down in Jesus’ name. The pastors concluded the 1.5 hour prayer walk with communion at Marienstraße. The air was filled with the heavenly chorus as the pastors sang: “So Groß ist der Herr!”

Pastors were also able to talk to onlookers and pray for patrolling policemen.

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Thank you - Relief Funds sent to Philippines for Covid-19

The Blessing - A Thank you in times of Covid19

This video was created to say “THANK YOU” to all those working in essential jobs during this time of Covid19. Many different people have sent in “Thank you” images and clips to make this video possible. We hope that it will bless everyone who watches this video. Special thanks to Kari Jobe and Cody Barnes for this song!! May it bless you too.

Messages: 25th Year Church Anniversary

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