Father's Heart

May 2023

“the Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it neither sees Him nor knows Him; but you know Him, for He dwells with you and will be in you.”– John 14:17

Pentecost – A New Era!

Pentecost is a very significant event as it marked a new era both in the heavenly and physical realms. In the Old Testament, the Holy Spirit was hovering. He would inspire a prophet for a certain period of time to speak the oracles of God. However, the prophet did not host the Holy Spirit permanently.

On Pentecost after the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit entered 120 disciples. He did not just inspire the believers for a limited period of time but He came to live inside of them. From then on, the Holy Spirit was no longer a ”hovering Spirit“ but He became an ”indwelling Spirit“.

For children of God like you and me who have been filled and baptized in the Holy Spirit, we are hosting the presence, power, and person of the Spirit of the Living God 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days in a year. He has taken His abode in us. We are truly blessed to be living in these exciting and significant time. We are not just experiencing a seasonal divine touch like in the Old Testament but we have the permanent abiding presence of the Living God.

The same exact Holy Spirit that was in Jesus is in us. The Holy Spirit we have is not a second rate spirit. He is not even a duplicate or copy. We have the 100% original Holy Spirit. He who raised Jesus back to life is living inside of us. Hence, we are to live victorious lives for the Spirit of victory is living in us. We did not receive a spirit of fear but of power, love, and of a sound mind.

Let the reality of Pentecost manifest in our days. All the Spirit needs is a willing vessel.

April 2023

“…You seek Jesus of Nazareth, who was crucified. He is risen! He is not here. See the place where they laid Him…”. -Mark 16:6

JESUS IS ALIVE! Hallelujah!

The disciples witnessed the gruesome death of the Master and they were devastated, depressed, fearful and hopeless. They were so overwhelmed by the negative emotions that they forgot what the Lord repeatedly told them, that He will rise again and meet them in Galilee.

Similarly, it is easy for us to forget the promises of God when we go through dark seasons and distressing circumstances. We should not allow ourselves to be paralysed by fear rather focus on the promise-keeping God. Indeed, we cannot find the living (eternal matters) among the dead (passing worldly things). Let the message of Resurrection Sunday cause us to shake off the dust of doubt and fear when adversity strikes. There is nothing impossible for our living God (Luke 18:27).

Death’s legal right over man is sin and Jesus paid it in full. There is nothing that the accuser can level against those who are in Christ Jesus. Eternal life is guaranteed to every child of God not because of man’s effort but because of God’s amazing grace.

Let the Resurrection message reverberate in our entire being and activate hope, strength and confidence in us as we face and overcome the present challenges knowing that God is much bigger than the totality of all the problems in this world.

Your problem pales in comparison to the greatest event of all times, namely the resurrection of Jesus Christ! Hallelujah! Jesus is risen!

March 2023

Unshakeable Faith There is a reason why the Bible keeps on telling us not to fear, be not dismayed, do not be troubled, and be not anxious. 

Fear is the instrument of the enemy that causes one to be… 

insecure, confused, doubtful, disoriented, paralysed, ineffective, and ultimately enslaved. 

In Daniel 3, Nebuchadnezzar threatened three Hebrew young men with death for not bowing before an idol. Their resolute response showed clarity of conviction declaring their non-negotiable faith. In the face of death, they proclaimed their full confidence in God’s ability to do the impossible and rescue them. Furthermore, they declared that even if that didn’t happen, their faith in the one and living God remains. As it turned out, they were not only miraculously preserved but the Son of God even manifested and was seen by the unbelievers. 

May we remain steadfast in faith and rule over fear. Instead of entertaining the voices of intimidation, let us speak words of life in full trust of God who does the impossible. Most of all, let us understand that our faith is not based on circumstances but on the unchanging Word of God (Rom.10:17) and the person of Jesus Christ (Heb.12:2). 

No matter how daunting the challenges are and impossible the circumstances may look like, God is bigger. He is able!

February 2023

See yourself as God sees you. 

We are not 2nd class citizens of heaven. There is no inferior child of God. We are fully entitled to the blessings since we are co-heirs with Christ. Walk with dignity. Repent of the poverty spirit. 

It’s time to increase your capacity. 

Remove the restrictions the enemy and you yourself have placed. Erase the boundaries and expect the heavenly dimension. The Lord is waiting for us. He is ready to perform but He is waiting for us. Step out of the boat. Leave your comfort zone. 

Think Legacy 

Take responsibility for the next generation. Just as David gathered and stored the building materials for Solomon to build the temple, we are to think of Legacy. A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children. Have a vision for the children. 

Breakthrough will require Unity Guard the unity of the spirit. 

The enemy will release a Leviathan spirit that will twist words and cause misunderstanding. A spirit of offense will try to create disunity. Learn to esteem others highly than yourself. Recognize the gifts of others. Establish the culture of honor. The battles ahead will be tough (i.e. perversion) but the united Body of Christ will breakthrough. Joel 2:7-9. It is imperative that nobody will break ranks. No one should leave his/her position. Your breakthrough will be the breakthrough of others and the breakthrough of others will be your breakthrough. 

Activate and use your authority

Implement discipline in the house of God. Stop tolerating indifference, rebellion, and lawlessness in the house of the Lord.

Guard the wells

Don’t let the enemy and circumstances stop up your wells. Keep the source fresh and unpolluted. Be bearers of His name. Never be ashamed to have the seal of the Lord.

Waves of supernatural divine healings.

It will continue to break out. Anoint the sick with oil declaring healing.

Gold Standard

Just as in the time of Solomon, they only dealt with gold, we are entering into that season. Only that which has gone through fire, that which has been purified will be of use. The spirit of Excellence is the basic standard. As Jacob wrestled with the angel of Lord, do not stop pressing on till the breakthrough.

It is a year of increase, battle, and expansion. It is a year of shaping a legacy. It is a year of building. Jesus is Lord over 2023!

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