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CFFan - Being Lovers of God and bringing his presence to others

Church Membership

We are very happy to announce the launch of our church membership !

To apply for church membership applicants are required to go through the FIRM FOUNDATION teaching series and answer the questionnaire

If you would like to register to go through the FIRM FOUNDATION series and be part of church in serving the Lord please use the below link

Christmas celebration

We cordially invite you all to our Christmas celebration 

”For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given; and the government will be upon His shoulder. And His Name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, everlasting Father, Prince of Peace .“ – Isaiah 9:6


All our services are held in English and German.

Join us every Sunday either in Memmingen or Stuttgart  and stay connected during the week in our prayer meetings and bible studies. 

Please contact us in case of any queries or if you would like to know more about us and be a part of our church.

  • info@cffan.de

Sunday Worship celebration

We are excited to see you again!

I was glad when they said, “Let us go into the house of the LORD.”     – Ps. 122:1 

Thank God we are allowed to conduct our Worship Celebrations again in both Gospel Forum, Stuttgart and Friedenskirche, Memmingen with Children’s Church. We are obligated to wear masks, except when seated,  and observe physical distancing. 

We have formulated our “Hygiene Konzept” and purchased enough disinfectants and hand sanitizers. Maximum number of visitors is limited to 50 with pre-registration at info@cffan.de.  

Note: Kindly provide ones full name, home address, telephone and/or email address while registration. City ordinance mandates us to keep a record of the attendees for at least 4 weeks for contact tracing. 

More details regarding Hygiene Konzept can be found in the pdf. 

All our services are held in English and German.

We will also continue our live streaming via YouTube and Facebook. All our  prayer meetings and bible studies are still happening online. 

Please contact us in case of any queries. 

  • info@cffan.de


We have our regular bible studies happening in different groups in different languages via zoom. If you would like to take part in any of the life groups kindly contact as at lifegroup@cffan.de

  • Bisaya Life Group
  • Ilokano Life Group
  • Marbach a.N. Life Group
  • Bibellesen WhatsApp Gruppe
  •  Español Life Group
  •  Filipino Nurses

Live Stream

Our next live stream will happen on Sunday at 2:00 PM

Till then watch and enjoy our previous service. 

In case if you have missed any of our worship celebration, you can watch them in our youtube or facebook channel . Do Like and  Subscribe  to our Facebook and YouTube channel

Word of the day

Another year has passed and a new one is before us. As we evaluate and reflect on 2022, mixed emotions are stirred as we remember loved ones who have left us and at the same time celebrate the new ones to our family. Whether one considers 2022 a bad or a good year, two things are sure, God is good and we are older.
Each one of us has a predetermined biological life span on planet earth. Hence, maturity dictates that we ought to be grateful and wise in handling the limited resources we have been graced in life such as time, energy, and even material things. Let us…

(1) Be grateful – it keeps us balanced, humble, and joyful. We are beneficiaries of God’s goodness.

(2) Appreciate people, God-given relationships – it makes us loving, respectful, and generous. We are blessed to have precious family and friends, cherish every moment.

(3) Set godly values and determine priorities – it helps us invest wisely. We are to focus on what has worth.

(4) Be merciful to yourself and to others – it encourages one to keep on trying and to rise over and over again. Life is too short to live in regret and in bitterness.

(5) Celebrate God – it fulfills us. We are called to love and fellowship with Him.
Jesus is Lord over 2023!


A few months ago, our daughter Cute Cute had her check-up. There we found out that her eyes sight was really weak, left 1,25 and right 2,50. It’s actually pretty bad for a kid. So her pediatrician prescribed us to see the eye specialist. So, we went to an eye specialist in the next town. The doctor checked her eyes and said it’s quite bad and need to do bigger check-up at the next appointment. He also asked if there’s anyone wearing the glasses in the family. Cute Cute’s Dad had to wear his glasses when he was 4 years old. He was very sad when he see that Cute Cute will have to wear glass at 4 as well. We prayed for her eyes. We found another eye doctor for next appointment as I had no peace to do bigger check-up to her eyes. Last Saturday, we met with our pastor and broke the generational curses and bandages in our lives. We knew that on that evening all the chains were broken from our lives. Many things were shifted in spiritual realm in our house. We didn’t manifest or see the evidence physically right away. Next Tuesday, we went to the eye doctor. She checked her with many tools and methods. She asked me why we brought her there. I showed her the previous records. She was very surprised because Cute Cute eyes are completely healthy and nothing was wrong in there! I was speechless! God is able! Hallelujah!

Having a great time here in Armenia! On the first weekend I got to preach at the Yerevan branch of the Worship Center of Armenia. It was a great Holy Spirit evening! Many people had encounters with the Lord and were so grateful for the experiences with the Holy Spirit during and after the message. The translator said that she almost couldn’t continue during the message because the presence of God was so strong! A few people were shaking and some crying under the presence & lots of internal encounters. All thanks to Jesus! Directly after that evening service my Armenian Apostolic (orthodox) friends invited me home for a traditional Armenian dinner together with the whole family from grandma to uncle and aunt, cousin, including friends. They were waiting for me and specifically wanted healing from many different conditions. So I got to pray for many of them and saw multiple healing in Jesus name! Plus the mother of the household got delivered as well after a sharp strange pain in her jaw manifested during a prayer for her. I commanded the attacking spirit to leave her and the pain quickly left. The healing of back and feet and neck and headaches etc. all left quickly. Praise God for his goodness! I’ll be preaching again this coming Sunday twice in the city of Hrazdan! Please pray for mighty times of miracles, healings and baptisms in the Holy Spirit

Who We Are

CFFAN is a non-denominational, non-sectarian, Bible based, Christ centered, English speaking, Spirit-filled International Christian Family Church in Stuttgart and Memmingen, Germany.

Pastor Reginald Ocampo is the Pastor of Covenant Family For All Nations, which is affiliated with Gospel Forum Stuttgart. Pastor Reginald Ocampo is also the Head of Prophetic Ministry,Gospel Forum

The abundant life

If you are not yet sure what is the real meaning and purpose of life and if you do not yet have a real genuine personal relationship with Jesus Christ, don’t waste time wondering. God loves you so much that He sent His own Son, Jesus Christ, to die for the penalty of your sins and to give you an abundant eternal life. The merciful God is waiting and ready to forgive you and give you a new life if you would only sincerely humble yourself in asking for His forgiveness. Ask Jesus Christ into your life as Lord and He will hear you and be your Saviour.

Reginald and Irma Ocampo

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